Deliver a Quality Product by Following Steady Process
Visit Management Weekly to Adress Unique Needs
Meet All Schedules, Requirements and Deadlines
Provide Instant Service on Common Areas and Special
     Projects When Called Upon
Communicate with Management
Provide Safety in the Workplace

Service Institutions Such Shopping Malls, Banks,      Schools, Country Clubs, Hospitals and Airports
Work Safely and Efficiently Around Populated Areas
Stay Loyal to Our Process and Communicate with both      Management and the Public

Provide Project Managers with Daily/Weekly Progess Reports
Work Safely and Efficiently to Meet Deadlines
Communicate and Coordinate with Other Contractors on the Site
Thorough Examination is performed with Project Manger to
      Insure Satisfaction
Management and Supervisor Presence at the
     Start/Finish of Every Project
Insure Professionalism and Trust While Working in
     Private Homes
Commitment to our Final Clean-Up Proccess upon      Completion of Project
Fully Bonded and Insured for the Protection of
    Your Home